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1. Basics of link building

It is crucial to gain basic knowledge about link building in order to use it correctly and to rank higher in search engines. No matter if you are an SEO specialist or a debutant, you need to know the basics of link building like basics terms and tools if your goal is to achieve success and work efficiently. The link building is basically gaining links from other websites to your own website. It’s a method to introduce your brand to a wider audience and to increase the website traffic.

2. What is Page Rank

Page rank is a method created by Google in order to check how valuable the website is. It’s an algorithm used to give a numerical value to each page based on the quality and the links.

Page rank gives a chance to check how the website functions in search engines and a chance to improve its position. Incoming Links from pages with higher authority give a better search engine optimization.

3. What are the Backlinks

Backlinks are the links in the content on the page which led to the destination site from another site where they are inserted. A backlink is an incoming link to the external website. In SEO backlinks are indispensable to rank higher on Google.
The more backlinks from the authority sites, the higher the position of the site in rankings.

4. DoFollow and NoFollow

Links are the most important factor in SEO. If you put internal links in the content of your post, you increase the chances that a reader will click on this link and will open your website. Thereby, you will rank higher.

We differ two types of links; DoFollow links and NoFollow links. The value of these links is different. Online robots look through websites to find DoFollow and NoFollow links.

DoFollow links are the links that generate the traffic, gain the readers’ trust and also have a high index of trust rank. DoFollow links tell the online robots to visit the linking page.

NoFollow links have smaller value because they do not send the value of the website, however, those links are still important in web positioning because they also generate the website traffic.

5. Link Distribution

The link distribution is a significant part of Link Building. The more natural linking flow, the better. In other words, if your website will have too many internal links, it won’t look natural for Google.

It is important to be aware that you can get the penalty if your website has too many internal links especially links to the money sites.

6. Outbound links

The outbound links are the links which are inserted in the content of the website but leading to other domain.

Outbound links are the external source connected to the website content giving the reader a chance to discover more valuable information about the subject they are interested in. The best way is to link to the sites similar to yours. For example, if you create content about business, find outbound links to other business sites.

Remember that the number of links should be strictly planned and counted. Too many outbound links can be recognized by the search engines as a link farm. It can lead to getting a penalty from Google for unnatural links.

7. Anchor

An anchor is a text inside a hyperlink.

The anchor text gives information about the content and can interest the potential reader to click on the link if the anchor text is properly written. It is also crucial for a search engine to match the anchor with the context.

The anchor text is whatever written content is between an opening and closing anchor. For example:

<a href=””>Example Anchor Text</a>


8. Referring domains

Referring domains are the domains linking one or more backlink to your website. It is similar to the backlinks, however, referring domains are counted only once, on the contrary to backlinks.

For example, 100 backlinks are counted as 1 referring domain.

The number of referring domain is significant in rankings and it’s a more important factor than backlinks.

9. Expired Domains

Expired domains are the domains which haven’t been registered again after the end date and have been fully dropped. The domain can be abandoned because, for example, the business wasn’t a success.

Expired domains are very popular and using because of the SEO factors.

If you would like to buy an expired domain, firstly check the keywords history, penalties, backlinks, anchor texts, and the inbound links associated with the domain you would like to buy.

10. Auctioned Domains

Auctions for domains are a very popular marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names.

Auctioned Domains are a great way to buy a previously used domain name you would like to use for your business. Everyday domain names are deregistered, there are thousands of names you can buy and re-use. Auctioned domains are more advantageous than expired domains.

The most popular place online to sell a domain is

11. Link Building tools

There are so many excellent link building tools that it’s impossible to write about all of them. Undoubtedly, these tools are very helpful in the process of creating a link building. Here are the most important link building tools:

  • Majestic – This tool helps to evaluate exclusive domains which are significant to the process of your individual link building. It also identifies the sites which are valuable and trustworthy.
  • Ahrefs – This tool let you analyze the competitive sites in order to find out why their rankings are so high. Also, Ahrefs is a tool to research keywords, outbound links, content and many more.
  • SEMRush – This is a very effective SEO software created to analyze backlinks and to index links. SEMRush has been connected with Majestic.

12. Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are the tools which are very helpful to make your work even more effective and efficient.

  • Scraper Tool – It’s a very simple tool which researches online data. It can scan any website and send the results like charts and lists to Google spreadsheet. It extracts details and figures which helps to analyze the data.
  • Check my links – This tool will show you where your links are placed in the content of the website and will check if the link is up-to-date or broken.
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – It’s an SEO tool which gives you access to domains and keywords metric.

13. Email Marketing Tools

Email is still one of the most powerful ways to contact people. It gives you a chance to reach your current customers and to interest your new potential customers. You can also earn money by using emails.

  • – This is one of the best tools if you want to find the email contacts. use an email finder and save a lot of your time.
  • Yet Another Mail Merge – This is a perfect tool to create a spreadsheet with data to widen the outreach by sending collective emails in one click. You can also track emails with a tracking tool.

14. Email Outreach

Email outreach marketing it’s a great method to develop contacts with potential customers and build your brand awareness. A successful outreach campaign can bring links for free and develop the link building. It’s an easy method to build trust and to develop the brand.

How to write effective and successful email outreach and get a response?

  • Create Personas

You need to create personas responsible for the contact with people you would like to cooperate with.

Create an email address using the persona’s name because the website owner must believe that they contact with a real person.

Also, build up social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter and connect with your audience on these profiles. Moreover, write about the persona’s career and experience in the market.

  • Analyze backlinks from your competitors

Check out how your competitors’ websites work and who links to their site. Also, check which websites inserted links to your competitors’ sites but not to yours.

You can use the Ahrefs Backlinks Tool to do this. Review the backlinks report,

To find more backlink opportunities use Ahrefs Link Intersection tool. If you are looking for more chances to develop your backlinks and to rank higher in search engines, analyze the competitor backlinks.

  • Other Link Opportunities

To find more link opportunities, the Google search engine will be very useful. Write in the targeted keywords and look for the freshly posted content. Use this method with the Scraper tool which is a very helpful tool created to extract data and to research information from the websites. Write in a keyword related to your site and check which websites will appear.

Enter the targeted keywords, for example:

  • ‘ guest post ‘
  • ‘ write for me ‘
  • ‘ guest ‘
  • ‘ write for us ‘
  • Inurl: ‘ guest-post ‘
  • Inpostauthor: ’ guest ‘

Look for the authority sites connected to your niche. This is a great method for finding more link opportunities.

  • Contact Forms

To build links and to find more opportunities, you need to build contacts and get in touch with the websites from your niche. is very helpful to do this. Just simply write in a domain name in the search engine and check the email addresses. You can also send a message through the contact form which you will find on the website.

You don’t have to write very formal messages, just remember to sound natural, positive and be willing to cooperate. The people responsible for these websites would like to work with professionals to be creative, professional and make a good impression. Write what content and ideas you can offer and see what they can offer to you.

  • Personalized Emails

Agencies use Yet Another Mail Merge which let you easily create the email campaign. Whether you send personalized Emails at the agency scale or not, it’s crucial to introduce yourself. Write about what you and your company do, and how you would like to collaborate.

The example of personalized email:

Hello [Name],

My name is [Persona’s name] and I work in [ a company name ].

While searching the Web I came across your site and I loved it! I found it very interesting and helpful.

Perhaps I could help you develop your website and write an article for you.

I would provide unique and high-quality content especially for you. I think that your viewers would find it interesting.

Kind regards

15. Content Marketing

Content marketing

This is one of the cheapest types of link building and business marketing. However, it takes a long time to develop it. The goal of content marketing is to create valuable content to share it and to distribute it online. So create interesting content, share it online and observe how your rankings boost.

It is a great method to increase traffic to the website. It can also increase sales. It is important to first have a content marketing strategy in order to get the best results later.

16. Infographics

Infographics are a great visual tool to interest the audience and to attract viewers’ attention.
It can be a very original way to present content, data, numbers and many more details.

Infographic is a part of content marketing and has great results in interesting readers. If you want to present data, information, details in the effective and influential way, use infographic.

Share your infographics through social media channels, emails and you will see how the traffic of your website will boost. It will also improve the results in search engines.



17. YouTube & Video Content

The video is a very powerful method of visual marketing. People prefer to watch a video about something than to read about it. Videos are more entertaining and attractive for the readers of your content.

Social media and Youtube are the best places online to share your video content.

Additionally, your video description on Youtube can have links to your website. In one click, the receiver of the content can be on your site and increase the traffic.

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18. Journalism

Although nowadays journalism has less impact then it had a few years ago and people read news and press mainly online, it still a great method of interesting the wider audience with your content.

It’s the best to have a good content team who will create and well organize the news and information and put it live on your website.

It can also improve your brand recognition.

19. Annual Awards

Annual awards are part of digital marketing. You can create your own awards and pick websites you would like to reward. When you will choose the winners, remember to send them a digital prize.

Your digital badges can be embedded in the footer of the winner’s website. This is another chance to attract new readers’ attention and to gain people’s trust.

20. Engineered Link Building

Every link building strategy has the same goals- to reach the new audience, to interest new potential readers with the website and to increase the traffic of the website. To achieve it, you need to build links.

Creating links and writing a well-planned content are the basics of every link building strategy.

It is crucial to know which link building strategy is the best. To find out, you need to know a few types of engineered link building.

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21. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Private Blog Network is a network of trustworthy websites which all belong to the same person or company. The network is created in order to build links to the website you earn money with. The main goal is to rank higher and to manipulate rankings in search engines.

When you create a PBN you have control over the content, outbound links, and the ranking factors. The key of the websites in the Private Blog Network is that these websites are not connected with each other and they appear independently – SEOs often call it “footprint-free“.

Although PBN can be very beneficial, they may also be very risky. Remember to check the domain you would like to use in your network. Use only first-rate and checked domains.

22. Tier 2 Link Building

Tiered link building, a very efficient link building method is a great idea to boost the website’s traffic and to rank higher. The algorithm PageRank can be manipulated with tier 2 link building. Second-tier links give a chance to boost the website’s traffic, interest new potential readers with your guest posts and to encourage them to visit your website.

  • Tier 1– a link building to the money site, guest posts.
  • Tier 2 – a link building to Tier 1.Websites linking to your guest blog that links to your website.

23. Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 websites are websites like WordPress or Blogspot. You have a chance to create your own website with a unique URL on the subdomain of WordPress. Anyone can use WordPress for free so it’s a great method for ranking higher.

Web 2.0 are websites which can be used for generating links and tiered link building. and have good results in it. It’s also a good way to increase the website’s traffic and to reach a wider audience.

24. Free & Paid Directories

Free business directories are a great method to mention your brand. Join a Free directory indexed by Google with a large amount of traffic and rank higher. It is important, however, to find directories related to your niche. For example, if your niche is home and garden, find directories similar to that subject.

To be included in a solid, well-established directory you need to pay an amount of money.

Although paid directory can be beneficial for your website, it is important to choose paid directory related to your niche and a directory with high PageRank and good website traffic. The paid directory provides referral traffic. Can also be excellent to improve rankings.

25. Press Releases

A press release has always been a method to make it big and to interest people with a company, a shop or any content you wanted.
Nowadays, when everything moved online, press release exists mainly online. It still is a great part of the marketing strategy.
The press release is a good method to attract journalists and readers attention.

26. C-Block IP Addresses

If you own a natural link profile you can have various IP addresses from the same localization. Natural link building won’t cause you to worry about IP address and localization, however, you need to be careful.

It seems that having multiple hosting providers with different IP addresses is a method to use if you’re worried about C block issues.

If Google will see multiple links originating from the same C-Block it implied that sites were hosted together.

27. Guest Posting & Sponsored Links

Guest posting is one of the basics of effective link building marketing. Basically, it’s a collaboration between you and the author of the blog you would like to guest post. It’s a great method to reach potential new readers, to increase the traffic of your website and to improve your brand’s recognition.

It’s crucial that the links you would like to insert in your article will be valuable and connected with the subject of your post.

You write an article for another website and in return, you will get a link to your website. The readers of that blog will have a chance to read your content and hopefully, they will visit your website.

Remember to find a blog in your niche. It will increase the chances that you will interest the audience of that blog. Look for the ‘write for us’ section and read the information about how to write a guest post.

Another marketing strategy is a sponsored link. It’s an advertisement related to the website’s niche. The author of the advert has to pay in order to advert the product on the website through the sponsored link.

It can also mean a reference to other websites via this paid link.

The link will appear after the reader will put certain keywords on the search engine. The advertiser will specify the targeted keywords.

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