Frequently asked questions

Link Building FAQ

Once links are published , is there any sort of report that I will receive?

Yes,we will deliver you a full report. For Pillow/Brand & Citation Links we will also provide you with the login details whenever we had to create an account on your behalf.

Will you make sure that all the links are being indexed by the search engines?

Yes – unlike some of our competitors – we will take care of that too. We use a proprietary indexing software to make sure the links have a higher chance to be indexed by the search engines.

With link building campaign – do you provide the content?

Yes, we provide a minimum of 500 words of unique content.

Are your links footprint free?

Yes, we are experienced enough to know that footprints aren’t a good thing 😉 We will make sure that any footprint is limited to bare minimum on every link building campaign.

If I want to remove the link after a few months – can you do it?

Yes, but additional admin fee of $20 will be issued.

After 5 months I need to change the Anchor text – how can I do it?

We can do it for you, however, depending on the type of link and individual circumstanced, an additional fee may be requested.

Before I place the order could you send me some samples?

Sure we can. Get in touch through our Contact page and let us know what it is you need to see. We’ll do our best to assist you!

Can I pick the niche before I place my order?

Yes, you can. We are not a huge links provider, so we might not have that many sites, but every single one is well taken care of. We strive to fulfil all additional requests.

Could you help me choose the best anchor text?

Yes, we can do it free of charge for you. We will do it based on the best fit after our analysis of your current link profile using Ahrefs, Majestic and SEMrush.

Can I make any changes to the content?

Of course. There are 3 rounds of revisions to any piece of content we are writing for you.

What is the turnaround time?

Depends of the type of campaign. On average, 7 days is enough to get the campaign going.

I’m about to order the links from you – what sort of information do you need?

We need your media pack (logo – Preferably SVG or PNG with transparent background, any JPEG photos, videos, company summary – best is to have 300 words about you, ownership data, NAP, requested anchor text or information that you’d like us to help). Also any other information you might want us to use will be of a great help. You see, the thing is – the more and better details you provide us, the better links we will be able to get you!

Why can you now use the content from my money site?

You know the drill … Duplicate content ain’t any good!
If we did that, you would be risking a penalty (or rankings spank) for your money site, because of the duplicated content. Instead, to avoid all of these unpleasant consequences, we will get the unique content created for you.